The churches

Monastery, named for the first time in 1180, but certainly older, was consistently obedience Camaldolese. Architecturally it is formed by the Romanesque-Gothic structure, dating back to the secc. XII-XIII, restored in 1973. No trace remains of the old church having been entirely rebuilt in 1853. Inside, in addition to the body of B. Angelo Urbani, who was martyred in 1429, is seen a valuable painting Coronation of the Virgin, painted by Pier Francesco Fiorentino in 1496.
It was built and designed by Christopher Moriconi in 1760, and stands on the site of the first church built in 1151. Inside you can admire the Circumcision (1615), a masterpiece of Antonio Sarti di Jesi (1580-1647), Madonna and Child Enthroned, canvas on wood (1492) by Marcantonio Andrea di Jesi (1470-1479); frontal carved in wood (1681) by Andrea Scoccianti; S. Philip or the suffrage of Pietro Paolo Agabiti (1614-1772) and Immaculate Conception of Clemens Kapp (XVII). Are preserved in the rectory a processional cross in silver and copper repousse century XIV, a seventeenth-century silver monstrance cards and wood carved and gilded glory of Andrea Scoccianti.
Made from 1770 to 1787 and designed by Mattia Capponi, for proportionality and elegance is probably his masterpiece. The interior of the church, is designed by columns with Corinthian capitals, while the apse is enriched by "stucco" rosettes. There are five paintings by Pietro Locatelli (1640-1710) painted in 1660 and remodeled in 1780 by Francesco Appiani (1704-1792) author of the Martyrdom of St. Lorenzo (shovel altar) and Our Lady of the Rosary.