Horto de i semplici

A redevelopment of a historical urban space, to promote the social and collective participation of a place with spontaneous and officinal plants.
Since the Middle Ages the "Semplici" (vegetable varieties with medicinal virtues) were cultivated in small vegetable gardens.
Later the cultivation spread especially in the gardens located near the monasteries and, subsequently, also in the schools of medicine and pharmacy of Italian universities.
These gardens soon became places of study, scientific training, experimentation and teaching, as well as research and dissemination of information.

The intervention carried out aims at the recovery and redevelopment of a space that, since its origins, was the seat of the monastic garden.
In this space has been created a vegetable garden of 75 square meters, divided into 8 sections.
Each section corresponds to the respective beneficial actions of plants, gathered in many varieties and mostly of spontaneous origin.

hortodeisemplici Cupramontana