Children from the secondary school guided by their Professor of art education, make the drawings. These designs are then presented to the leaders of the various ways and they choose the most beautiful and the most feasible. The next step is entrusted to the wood and iron craftsmen in the discretion of their shops, produce, to scale, the molds. At this point we just have to go and look for the flowers and put them on the ground: this takes place on Sunday morning. Some interesting facts dell'Infiorata;
  • Sixteen hundred square meters of infiorata.
  • Via Giacomo Matteotti: 126 meters
  • Via Don Minzoni: 96 meters
  • Via Don Francesco Menicucci: 195 meters
  • Via Roma (dalla congiunzione con via Menicucci): 74 meters
  • Via Roma (seconda parte): 78 meters
  • Piazza Cavour - Via Leopardi: 84 meters
  • Piazza IV Novembre: 93 meters
  • Spezzoni vari: 67 meters
for a total of 813 meters.

When: second Sunday after Pentecost.