Sagra dell'Uva (Wine festival)

The first edition was celebrated on September 23, 1928.
Held for decades now on the first Sunday of October and the previous Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
THE GRAPE FESTIVAL was founded by a rich and ancient heritage of traditions, culture, agricultural economy and is necessary as a party of people that for several days attracts thousands of people in Cupramontana.
The characteristic elements of civilization 'peasant are repeated with warm welcome: traditional dances, including the "pop-up" presented by local folk groups; the songs that were made in the fields during harvest time with instruments, the accordion and barrel organs. THE PALIO OF VERDICCHIO, race of pressing the grape with their feet, just as was done in past centuries; It takes place between representatives of the nearby villages in the production area, and is held on Saturday afternoon.
The parade of carts is the highlight of the festival, the avrious parts of the town all have a cart which they decorate with grapes making use of current theme; political, social, or historical, with tasty and exhilarating creative effects. THE STANDS, in Cupramontana "capanne" are prepared for the distribution of grapes and wine and to taste the typical products of the local gastronomy.
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