Musei In Grotta

Is the main museum and has a horizontal lay-out: light metal caskets lit on the inside, exhibit the most prestigious labels, while a series of graphic panels lead the visitor along an organized and bright path.
Equipped with tables, the screens for the projection of video and computer for interactive activities aimed at the younger audience, with teaching materials on the uniqueness of the hills of Jesi and its flagship product: the Verdicchio. A series of panels dedicated to the Wine Festival - event catalyzing the whole country - will remember the festival through a series of images of the festival posters from 1929 to the present day and of images and documents retrieved from the stock photos.
The space will allow small groups to come together to share the passion for the cinema through a series of selected films, perhaps from the International Festival.
Information material will be distributed and sold a selection of local products.
A kind of journey through the sights, tastes, traditions, structures and local companies: why Cupramontana is not only Verdicchio but also oil, cured meats, cheeses, honey and much more and especially welcome.
This space, often used for presentations, concerts and cultural events, was finally provided with the basic equipment for tasting / restaurant with the desire to give Cupramontana and local producers an equipped wine bar, open to public and private events and It aims to give visibility to all producers, with an eye to those of wine.
Access to a large green outer embankment increases the charm and, especially during the hot months, it expands the space, suggesting multiple uses.
It seeks the recovery and redevelopment of a space that, from the beginning, was based monastic orchard.