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Sassoferrato; Itinerary between Earth and Sulfur.

Duration: 4 Hours
From: Sassoferrato, Cabernardi
Languages: Italian - French
Guided tour of the Cabernardi sulfur mine.

On a spur of rock, in the heart of the Sassoferrato urban forest, stands Palazzo Montanari, a historic building built around the year 1000 as a fortress, now home to the Sassoferrato Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions. A guided tour through its rooms is the starting point of this itinerary to discover the local culture in its many forms: objects of everyday life, popular traditions and ancient crafts.

The second leg of the journey will take you along a road dotted with fortresses and sanctuaries, to the village of Cantarino, built in 1919 specifically for the miners of the Cabernardi mine. After a dinner based on typical local products, the tour will end with a visit to the Archaeological Park. Immersed in an evocative natural setting, you will be able to observe the structures and systems for the extraction of sulfur: the limestone, the Gill furnaces, the service tunnels and the Donegani engineering well.

  • Entrance to the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions
  • Entrance to the Archaeological Mines Park
  • Dinner based on local products

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